Levitra method of use. What is better: Levitra vs Viagra

Levitra Coupon


Levitra Coupon method of use. What is better: Levitra vs Viagra

Levitra coupon — this is the brand name of Vardenafil, a new treatment for male erectile disfunction in the form of pills. The action is similar to that of Viagra, but in many cases Levitra vs Viagra is more effective. Specifications:

Each tablet contains: Vardenafil 20 mg
Action time: up to 10 hours
Start of action: in 20-30 minutes
Active ingredient: Vardenafil
Manufacturer: India
Taste: Bitter
Mode of application: Levitra take 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Levitra vs Viagra: main differences

So, this article will explain what Levitra Coupon is, what benefits and side effects you can get when you take it, and how it differs from drugs like it.

General information about Levitra

Start, above all, is the most important. For example, from the fact that this drug is a generic of the well-known Vardenafil, that is, it is completely identical in composition and content. It was released by the same company as Viagra, Bayer. There is only a slight difference. – This medicine is also sold in lozenges. This medicine is intended for those who want to increase their potency, and also has a problem such as erectile disfunction or – impotence.

In many ways, Levitra vs Viagra: increases blood flow to the penis and causes a prolonged erection. But there is a difference – This drug has an impact on the psycho-emotional state of the person taking the pill, which leads to increased sexual desire, stimulating certain parts of the brain. Due to this, Levitra vs Viagra is more profitable in the drug market.

Levitra Coupon method of use. What is better: Levitra vs Viagra


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The principle of operation and duration

The leading value is based on the stimulation of blood flow in the region of the cavernous body and the relaxation of smooth muscles, thereby increasing the sensitivity and rapidly increasing erection. Plus a slight effect on the mental and emotional state of a man. All this together leads to a long and powerful erection.

If you take a pill after a meal, the duration of absorption lasts from half an hour to 45 minutes, sometimes in case the tablet is taken on an empty stomach or there are individual characteristics, the time increases slightly. The time of active action of Levitra vs Viagra lasts about 5 hours, however, in this case, an erection after this may occur within the next 5-7.

Benefits of Viagra and influence on potency

When taking the pill, it must be remembered that Levitra vs Viagra does not give one hundred percent guarantee of help or cure, since some of the individual characteristics of the body and the disease, including those that have not yet been fully studied.

It is estimated that an improvement in erectile function was found in more than 90% of men who took this drug during the month. Many who had a moderate and severe stage of impotence, confidently asserted that they were completely cured of their ailment, only by drinking tablets once a day. The result is amazing. Basically, this is because the key component – Vardenafil, is perceived by the body as an example better than the same sildenafil, which is based on Viagra and Cialis.

Levitra Coupon method of use. What is better: Levitra vs Viagra

Resorption of the drug is as easy as its removal from the body, that is, several times faster and almost imperceptible by side effects. In addition, the reception Levitra vs Viagra can be matched with a certain amount of fatty foods, as well as alcohol, it will have almost no impact on his work. The active substances in the composition of this drug will not damage even diabetics in the process of resorption, which can very well be called fantastic, because in this case the drug becomes almost perfect if you take it according to the instructions. In case, if it turned out to be little for the buyer, there is also a clause with contraindications and a column where it is indicated who would be better to take it with care.

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Some doctors and those who directly take Levitra vs Viagra advise that the initial dose be reduced to half the pill in order, first, «the body is used», secondly, calculate the approximate individual dose. It is possible that for some people the half will be the optimal amount of the substance being taken.

Contraindications / Use Levitra with caution

What are the side effects of individual intolerance, susceptibility or overdose of medication? Relatively small but unpleasant – headache, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other, depending on the cause.

The heart may be heavily overloaded, as a result, the doctor may ban the drug for a while. After all, the fact is that sexual activity is primarily reflected in the heart, and in some people, especially with problems of the cardiovascular system, this may find a very bad reflection.

It is worth considering the fact that, in conjunction with the reception of Levitra Coupon, it is necessary to follow a certain diet. Levitra vs Viagra, of course, can miss a lot by itself, but the load on the body will be exorbitant. Many doctors do not recommend to combine with it more than one glass of wine and one medium-fat dish. And desirable – infrequently.

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